A Space Oddity for Tesla

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Last week was crazy: Cherry Red Tesla, Elon Musk, Falcon Heavy & Starman.

They have been swooping the headlines. They got everyone talking – the fans, the spectators, sci-fi enthusiasts, the haters, everyone. Even those who have never heard of SpaceX or Elon Musk were excited about watching his electric car, the Tesla Roadster floating in space! And what a sight it was to see the car floating in space with David Bowie’s music in the background, rekindling the sci-fi spirit in us. Its been a week now since Musk and his team at SpaceX took the huge leap by launching the Falcon heavy payload rocket into space. The car is, well, floating in space as I write this post. I know you got questions, so do I.

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By the way, if you haven’t heard of Elon Musk, he is the maverick billionaire that almost everyone is raving about. At the age of 45, Tesla Motors, SolarCity, SpaceX and Boring co., are four of the companies he owns. This man is a trendsetter. Tesla Motors is a car company committed to manufacturing only electric cars of luxury standard. So far, he has received a lot of criticism more than the accolades. But that never deterred him anyway.

Often compared to Tony Stark, the protagonist, and creator of Iron Man, Musk is all for the “interplanetary lifestyle”, something that only exists in science fiction novels and the like.

Even you thought earthlings shifting to Mars sounded too fancy, it isn’t as far-fetched as it would seem said Musk in his interview on the Stephen Colbert Show.

Of course, the million dollar question would be,

Why thrust a car into space?


The space-bound Tesla Roadster with Starman just chilling in it

Speaking of a million bucks, SpaceX boasts Falcon Heavy as the largest and the most powerful operational rocket. Built with 27 engines and three boosters, this bad boy can lift into orbit nearly 64 metric tons – to put into perspective – a weight of something more than Boeing 747 that is loaded with passengers, fuel, and luggage. It would be fitting to imagine what could be the endless possibilities of utilizing this vessel, keeping in mind Musk’s “interplanetary life” motive. To surmise, this is one of the biggest achievements of SpaceX and necessarily cutting edge, so to speak. Quite so interestingly, the Tesla is used as a mass simulator here, which is the usual drill for testing the efficacy of payload vehicles before they are used for the major projects.


So what’s next for SpaceX? Will there be more to this? And the rivals, Blue Origin and Virgin – what do they have to say about this? More on that in the upcoming posts. But for now, a recap of last week’s awesomeness by just clicking below! Enjoy your weekend folks!

Images and video courtesy: SpaceX.com