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About the blog

Scignus [ˈsɪɡnəs] is the amalgamation of two of my passions: sciencewriting. Here I share with you science that interests me. I am keen on developing my skills as a science writer and I’d like to think of this site as a place where I take the effort to share science at a layperson’s level.

I am a researcher working in a government institute in India. I have worked in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry and have had hands-on experience in various molecular biology and biochemical techniques in the past years of my career. I am currently working in the area of neurological disorders. Having said this, my interest does not confine to life sciences and I would like to use this platform to explore the various fields of science and technology that fascinates me.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Scignus!