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Why do Floods Occur?

In the wake of the #Kerala floods that occurred last month and across other states of India namely, UP, Karnataka, Assam and Bengal and as our country looks back at the appalling death toll of around 900 lives claimed by floods this year, I decided

A Space Oddity for Tesla

Last week was crazy: Cherry Red Tesla, Elon Musk, Falcon Heavy & Starman. They have been swooping the headlines. They got everyone talking – the fans, the spectators, sci-fi enthusiasts, the haters, everyone. Even those who have never heard of SpaceX or Elon Musk were excited

Tardigrade: Animal Kingdom’s Tough Cookie

If you thought that the most resilient creature was the polar bear or the rattlesnake, think again. One species that has been making headlines recently – known for its talent to withstand extreme conditions, is the Tardigrade or affectionately called as the “Water bear”(although I